Jamieson Trotter / Keys

jamohairWhen Jamieson Trotter was four years old, he went into the den where his father had been practicing the piano, and began playing what his Dad had just finished working on. As the story goes, his father peeked into the room and just said, “I’m in trouble.” He started lessons for Jamieson the next day. Jamieson Trotter attended school at California Institute of the Arts, learning from the great bass player Charlie Haden. He has also studied with Joe LaBarbera, Larry Koonse, and even the harmonically challenging Waddada Leo Smith (formerly of the Chicago Art Ensemble). Jamieson’s hands have played small roles in a few movies. He was Val Kilmer’s piano hands in “The Salton Sea,” and Debra Winger’s coach for “Eulogy” with Ray Ramano. Jamieson has eclectic tastes in the kinds of music he enjoys playing. He has been a Temptation temporarily, composes orchestral parts for Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66, and played with Mathew Morrison and Mark Salling of the television show, Glee. Jamieson is featured on piano on Salling’s upcoming follow up to his album “Pipe Dreams.” Recently, Jamieson began recording with Jon Farriss – drummer for INXS. Carol Bach y Rita and Mark Winkler both have critically acclaimed jazz albums with Jamieson’s hands on keys. He is currently composing in a small room in Highland Park.