Stephen Giraldo / Trumpet

Mofi 2-Aria NYE Entertainment_0698_2Stephen “Mofi” Giraldo was born and raised in Los Angeles of Guatemalan parents. He has been around music all his life. All his siblings play musical instruments and sing. He first played trumpet at the age of 16 – after learning how to play piano, viola, and saxophone. He graduated from Cal State Northridge. Mofi’s musical career has grown since his college days. He has recorded on many albums as a session musician. He’s toured the world with World music artists, such as Ricardo Lemvo (Congo/Angola), Googoosh and Ebi (Iran), and Celia Cruz (Cuba). His musical career keeps growing now with the fantastic Red Hot Band. Mofi enjoys playing with RHB’s world-class musicians. “Not only are they excellent instrumentalists, singers, and dancers – they’re some of the kindest, most caring people on the face of the Earth.” When not playing trumpet, Mofi enjoys teaching music to children and sharing with them his love of performing arts.