Red Loquita – Latin Jazz & Salsa


Imagine sitting under a cabana on a hot Cuban day, sipping a mojito, and listening to a 1960’s Latin-style combo. That’s the feeling you’ll get with an evening with Red Loquita. The Band is smooth and sultry, yet can create a spicy-salsa setting within seconds. Lead singer, Tera Bonilla brings the glamour of Ann-Margret infused with sizzling Shakira. She has performed all over the world, as well as toured with Enrique Iglesias on his exciting Budweiser Tour. The Red Loquita Band is an all star collection of international musicians. Our individual band members have played with the likes of Celia Cruz, Poncho Sanchez, Luis Miguel, Sergio Mendes and Paulina Rubio.

Red Loquita will create an atmosphere like no other. They have fashioned an energy and a show that has never been done before. You’ve never heard Michael Jackson, Brittany Spears, Rihanna or Coldplay performed as uniquely as Red Loquita. They will give you an incredibly unique and memorable event. Their blend of sensual mambo and bossa nova styles, intermixed with salsa and latin dance creations, will lead you to the latin vacation party you have always dreamed of.